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Research Products Disclaimer
Please note that the following products are research only and do not currently form part of the Bureau's standard services in any way. Access to the products are only made available on the basis that the users are fully aware that these products are subject to this disclaimer and the Bureau's copyright and disclaimer notice below.

These data products are not part of the Bureau of Meteorology's operational services.
Refer to http://www.bom.gov.au/nmoc/ for further information.

BMRC Project and Data Services

Who? Available project datasets
POAMA Seasonal climate variability data products
TPAC Atmosphere, Ocean, and Marine data products
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BLUElink BLUElink ocean data products
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Workshop Event Info

12th October 2007
Australian OPeNDAP Workshop Series is a series of workshops on OPeNDAP client and server technology which is the key technology used in the BMRC data access service. The first of three workshops starts with an overview of OPeNDAP technology and future plans at the APAC 2007 conference in Perth, Australia on Friday 12th October.

15th-16th October 2007
The second workshop is the OPeNDAP System Administration workshop. The participate will learn how to install and configure the Hyrax OPeNDAP server and publish datasets of various data formats for remote data access. Advance topics on logging, sercurity and authentication and authorization will be discussed as well as future plans for supporting OpenGIS web services. The workshop is a two day workshop located at the Bureau of Meteorology head office in Melbourne, Australia from Monday 15th October to Tuesday 16th October.

17th-18th October 2007
The third workshop is the OPeNDAP Software Developer workshop. The workshop will review the Hyrax OPeNDAP server architecture and frameworks and modules. The participate will learn how to create additional services, create data modules, add server-side processing. The workshop will cover the OPeNDAP client API for custom application development to enable OPeNDAP data access. The workshop is a two day workshop located at the Bureau of Meteorology head office in Melbourne, Australia from Wednesday 17th October to Thursday 18th October.
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Last updated: 15 September 2007

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